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AmbiLED HD setup for Hyperion on RaspBMC/OSMC

RaspBMC (OSMC) is the best mediaPC software for Raspberry Pi and Pi 2 hardwares.
RaspBMC project stopped in the first days of 2015 and now continue as OSMC with Pi 2 support.
Click here and download the installer into your PC

You can use this article as a reference for other Linux distros that supported by Hyperion.

Notice: This article for your reference only. If you have any question about Hyperion, Linux or other third part details, please google it or ask to their communities.  Please do not ask here “how can I list a linux directory?” like questions.

After the RaspBMC / OSMC installation, be sure it’s updated and working properly.  (run some videos or something like that)
Learn the Network address of your PI from about section of RaspBMC (Settings section of OSMC) and note.

  • Connect to your Pi using any terminal application.  Putty.exe is the best for Windows. (default RaspBMC user name “pi”, password “raspberry” , default OSMC user name “osmc” password “osmc”)
  • Enter following commands in order. You can find the details here
    sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install libqtcore4 libqtgui4 libqt4-network libusb-1.0-0 libprotobuf7 ca-certificates
    wget -N
    sudo sh ./
  • Now you have a working Hyperion on your Pi.
    Follow this article to configure it.
  • Unfortunately, configuration software is not including an option for AmbiLED HD hardware, but no worry, Hyperion is supporting it.  Choose “Adalight” as LED Type
  • Important: Choose Whilelvl as “0.50” or less. Do not choose more than 0.5 value. 
  • Output is “/dev/ttyAMA0″ for most of RaspberyyPi.
    You can check it with this command . Any problem? google it

    ls -l /dev/ttyAMA0
  • After you saved your new config file. Replace the original /etc/hyperion.config.json file with new one. (Linux skill required)
  • Enter this command to open text editor:
    sudo nano /etc/hyperion.config.json
  • You will see inside of configuration file.
    Find this line:
    “type” : “adalight”
    Replace the “adalight” part with “ambiled”
    And Press CTR+O to save and CTRL+X to exit.
  • Restart your Hyperion with
    sudo /sbin/initctl restart hyperion

If you made right, AmbiLED HD will work.

*You can change the hyperion main settings with hyperion-remote 
You can find the details under hyperion wiki

Any problem?

You can find our default hyperion.config.json here
And these are the screen shots of configurator for this file