Changing AmbiLED HD Firmwares

AmbiLED HD hardware has based on Arduino Nano and you can update the firmware with XLoader.

Current Firmwares

  • AmbiLED_Original_Firmware_1_0.hex
    The default firmware of AmbiLED. You can use this firmware to convert your hardware to factory default.
  • AmbiLED_Long_Strip_Firmware_1_0.hex
    Long strips mean, long color data.  Long data mean, slow refresh rate. If you have longer strip then 250 pixel, We are suggesting this firmware for you. This firmware doubling the pixel data and reducing the resolution to half. So, If you have 600 LEDs, you can use this firmware and your setup acts like 300 LEDs strip. The resolution still higher than you need for ambient light and refresh rate will be twice.  You should set the LED counts half of  the real values in the driver softwares.
  • AmbiLED_Adalight_Emulator_Firmware.hex
    Adalight is well known ambient light software and have a lot of support including Boblight, Hyperion, Prismatik, AmbiBox  and others. If you are using Linux or Mac, you can use adalight supported softwares with our hardware. Just load this firmware into AmbiLED HD  controller. It will act like Adalight.
    (Please don’t ask software setup details in this pages, google it or search their own forums)


Step by Step Firmware Installation

  1. Exit the driver software to close com port connection.
  2. Download Xloader and Firmware packs from our repository
  3. Extract the Zip File and run XLoader.exeXloader1
  4. Select firmware .hex file.
    Select Duemilanove/Nano(ATmega328) device
    Select AmbiLED Com port.
  5. Press Upload button
  6. You will see uploaded status message belowXloader4
  7. Close Xloader before run the driver software again.

Trouble Shooting

  • If any problem, check the com port, device name and file permissions.
    “Run as Administrator” mode resolves most of file permission errors.

15 thoughts on “Changing AmbiLED HD Firmwares”

  1. Where can I find all the necessary sources to modify/build these Firmwares by myself (including the Adalight Emulator Firmware)?

      1. I think I found your firmware and also found the option that triggers “Long Strip” mode. I am still not sure where to find the code for the Adalight Emulation Firmware. Will the code on work or or are there necessary modifications? If there are, it would be nice of you to upload them. Being a noob I am also wondering what he functions.h file is you are including in your firmware which is not in the repository. I get that the other include is from

        Thank you for your work and the excellent Kickstarter!
        I think it would be nice to have a small message board to have all these disussions in a more structured way. Currently everything is spread out in comments here and on Kickstarter (where I can not post since I ordered on your web shop).

  2. Could you please make a short strip (256 LEDs) firmware with LED-doubling like the long strip firmware, for those like me who prefer an even higher refresh rate?

    I get around 8fps with the original, 11 fps with the new short strip firmware and 15 fps with the long strip firmware with minimal flickering with my 230 LEDs.

    The 15fps is way better than 11fps, i watch my movies perfectly smooth frame-interpolated by the tv to 120fps, so the low-fps stuttering of the lights around the tv is very distracting, 15fps is acceptable, but i would be happy for every extra frame i can get and i don’t notice the resolution loss of LED-Doubling, like you said more than enough LEDs, maybe even tripling would be fine :)

    Thank you for your effort, all in all i love your ambiled so much i don’t think i could be without it now :D

    1. I just added AmbiLED_Short_Double_Strip_For_Fast_FPS.hex into the firmwares.

      But remember, 120fps is not your video FPS, It is LCD Display pixel refresh rate. Maximum video rates 25fps for %95 of the digital movies. 24FPS for standard cinema and 12FPS for 3D Cinema.
      If you are using AmbiBox, it has a refresh rate problem. Use our official Ambiled Driver Software. There is no noticeable delay in our software for 10-12FPS. Also human eye cant notice more than 12.

    1. No, Adalight firmware is refreshing all 512 LEDs. If you have an Arduino IDE, you can download the adalight firmware source from our repository and change the LED count from 512 to real one. It increases the speed a bit.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the reply!
    Is the firmware complete? I only see one file ( AmbiLED_Adalight.ino)

    I did try to download ( and use it with the file provided but when I compile I get all kinds of errors.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide a firmware for 270 pixels (450cm) (that’s 810 leds, right?).

    Would it help if I get a faster machine more CPU faster GPU to improve speeds on openelec?

    1. Hi Justin,
      What is the error message of Arduino? Are you sure about Serial Port and Board selection? “Arduino Pro Mini 16Mhz%5V must be selected and AmbiLED driver software must be closed before upload the firmware.
      Please let me know if you cant compile it again. I will do it for you.

  4. if i use the AmbiLED_Short_Double_Strip_For_Fast_FPS.hex dose that mean i have to haf the LED count in the ambiled HD software? my led count at the min is just 98. or dose it mean i can use the rest of the leds to go round the screen a 2nd time?

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